Being woken by a distraught or screaming child in the night can be terrifying for a parent, and may disrupt sleep for the entire family. Read below for a quick guide on how to differentiate a nightmare from a night terror.


How would a Naturopathic Doctor treat a child for night terrors?

Regardless of health concern, the naturopathic approach involves seeking out the cause and either removing it or helping the body to cope.

An evaluation of diet, family life, school life, sleep patterns and other factors guides an ND to the source of night terrors. Discovering any emotional stress that the child is experiencing directly or any negative emotions that the child is picking up from within the family is important in determining the cause. Addressing any other underlying health factors is also part of a holistic solution to help your infant or child experience fewer night terrors.

Homeopathic remedies, in addition to simple dietary and lifestyle changes, are gentle and effective treatment options for children who experience trouble sleeping, including waking with regular night terrors.